Get Windows Designed For Drama

When your window architecture lacks punch, these clever treatments will give them a style boost.


To add drama:

When installing draperies on a rod, take the rod to just below ceiling height to make the window seem more dramatic and the ceilings taller. Soften the gap between the window and the ceiling with a valance, or simply let your wall color do the trick.

To add size:

For narrow windows or windows that seem too small for the wall, purchase a rod that extends 6 to 12 inches on either side of the window. Select ready-made panel curtains that fit the length of the rod rather than the window width. When open, the curtains can be pulled back to reveal the whole window.

To add structure:

When your windows lack architectural oomph, create more structure and interest with a valance. A valance is a little bit of fabric that makes a big impact across the top of the window and distracts from wimpy window architecture. Pair it with side curtains for a more complete cover-up.