Six Stylish Window Fashion Trends

Let these top window-dressing trends help inspire you to update your coverings with the latest fabrics, colors and styles.

  1. Bold patterns at the windows lend design energy to a room. 
    The look:
    Showcase graphic motifs in window dressings, and leave the rest of the room relatively pattern-free.
  2. Shimmery fabrics add a sense of luxury and tactile interest.
    The look: Silky curtain panels that flow to the floor in lush folds offer a simple, elegant look that adds a sense of opulence to a space without feeling heavy or overdone.
  1. Sheers soften window architecture but still let natural light grace a space. The look: White sheers are classic, but designers are having fun with new colorful sheers that put a pop of backlit color into a room’s backgrounds.
  2. Tone-on-tone backgrounds, created by painting walls the same shade as your drapery fabric, offer polish and calm.
    The look: Neutrals or pale shades work well, but designers also are going all in with jewel tones such as brilliant blues and ruby reds.
  3. Layered dressings bring personal style to windows and a cozy feeling to the entire room.
    The look: Try carefree combinations such as neutral curtain panels topped with a casually draped scarf valance. Add natural texture with a simple matchstick blind texture underneath.
  4. Pattern mixing adds visual punch to a solid fabric treatment.
    The look: Bookend solid fabric curtain panels with two printed or woven patterned panels on a large picture window for a clever banded look.