Bedding Basics

A well-made bed starts with quality basics. Invest in these three essentials, and rest assured that you’ll be on your way to a more beautiful bed and a better night’s sleep.


Mattress pad

A quality mattress pad keeps a fitted sheet snug, adds a layer of comfort (and protection!) to your mattress and wicks away moisture. Shop for the right size to fit your mattress depth, and make sure it has elastic all around for a secure fit. Polyester is the most common fill for mattress pads—the more ounces it has, the softer the mattress pad. For extra comfort, look for a dual-layer mattress pad that includes a bottom layer for support and a lofty top layer for extra cushiony comfort. Look to Royal Velvet’s Luxury Loft, Simply Elegant or Washable Memory Foam Mattress Pads.



Down comforter or duvet

Traditionally, a duvet (“down” in Old French, where the concept originated) is a comforter that matches the size of the bed. Today, when Americans refer to a duvet, we most often mean a comforter that falls over the sides of the bed and is designed to slip into a protective, washable duvet cover. Down comforters offer cozy warmth, but they also breathe well, so lightweight types can be used year-round. Fluffy and soft alternatives are available, without the allergens or costs associated with down. Shop for comforters with a baffled construction that keeps the filling evenly distributed. Check out Royal Velvet’s Big and Soft Extra Warmth Down Alternative Comforter or Perfect Medium Warmth Down Comforter.



Bed pillows

The type of pillow you choose is a matter of personal preference and sleep style. But whether you prefer soft down, firmer synthetic fillings or a flexible, memory-foam type, shop for pillows with cotton covers that have a 300- or higher-count as a measure of quality and comfort. Some comfortable choices include Royal Velvet’s Ultimate Support Pillow or Luxury Down Pillow.