Pick Your Best Sleeping Pillow

Where you rest your head is key to getting a good night’s sleep. Here’s how to pick the best pillow for the best sleep.


First, consider your favorite sleeping position.

Back sleeper: A flat, medium-soft pillow will keep your upper spine properly aligned and lend good support to your neck and head. Consider Royal Velvet’s Ultimate Support Pillow or RV’s Luxury Gel Down-Alternative Pillow.

Side sleeper: A lofty but firm pillow will best fill in the gap between your shoulders, neck and head. Consider Royal Velvet’s Luxury Down/Feather Pillow or RV’s Beyond Down Side Sleeper Pillow

Stomach sleeper: A soft, medium-support pillow means your head won’t be forced to turn at an uncomfortable angle. Consider Royal Velvet’s Down Chamber Pillow.

Then choose a filling based on personal preference.

Goose down or feather filling is best when you want to feel nestled in cloudlike softness. Down also retains warmth to keep you toasty in chilly rooms. On good-quality versions, look for fill power. A higher number means a plumper, more lasting pillow. Consider Royal Velvet’s Luxury Down Pillow

Memory foam or memory-foam alternatives are springy types of bed pillows that mold themselves to your head and pop back into shape when the pressure is lifted. It’s a good choice for restless sleepers as it recalibrates to changing positions. Consider Royal Velvet’s Memorelle Memory Fiber-Alternative Pillow.

Polyester filling is less expensive than down or memory foam. This type works well for those who like a soft pillow with a bit more support than down. There are varying degrees of polyester fill, so give the pillow a squeeze to determine its relative softness or firmness. Consider